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Liaoning (Anshan) University of Science and Techonology held a meeting for student cultural groups visit Russia


July 23 afternoon, Liaoning University of Science and Technology held a cultural experience meeting to the Russian exchange activities before the group departured. Vice president Guo Lianjun, leading teacher, Lu Yan, Alumni and External Cooperation Office, Director of International Cooperation Department and 13 students all attend to the meeting.

From 2012, Liaoning Branch greatly broaden their international perspective, the spread of Chinese culture and experience of foreign education mode, have sent students to foreign exchange visit. St. Petersburg State University of Economics and Law invited by the Department of Student Affairs and International Cooperation were selected 13 outstanding students to the school to carry out a 15-day cultural experience exchanges.

In the 15-day learning experience activities, Liaoning Branch of college students will communicate with the Russian language learning experience with students, visiting local businesses and state governments, to understand Russia's economic development status and characteristics of the Russian universities.

Guolian Jun, vice president of the university, said in a foreign country, students should pay attention to their own image, and actively promote the school, full of elegance of contemporary college students, showing Liaoning Branch of the University of child spirit and excellent style. To abide by the rules and principles visited schools, strict compliance with Russia's national laws and regulations, enhance organizational discipline, obey the leader of the teacher's unified management. Pay attention to safety, especially safety. Leader teacher should always take responsibility, we must ensure full security during their studies.